☻ HelloI am Maciej. I design interfaces to Ethereum and web3. Currently I'm the head of design at WalletConnect. Previously Zora☼☽, Status, Opera, Explain Everything and BlackBerry.

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2021—2022Zora is a protocol for the future of commerce on the web and a team of amazing people. While working there I designed the iOS app, V3 protocol marketplace features and worked on building an open source design system.


2018—2021I was the Lead Designer at Status. Status is an open source private messaging app that acts as mobile gateway to the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Together in small interdisciplinary teams, we’ve created unique new ways for people to monetise their attention, enable community money, community governance and through privacy, preserve culture.


2020Kaala is a simple payments app built on top of Ethereum. I worked on the project with Mozilla Labs as its founding designer, laying the groundwork for the app, brand, website, all marketing collateral and more.


2016—2017I was the Design Lead on the '17 redesign of Opera desktop browser. Together in a team of designers and engineers we completely rethought the browser interface, focusing on bringing mobile app experiences inside the desktop browser. This included lessons learned from previous well-received concepts like Opera Neon. We also gave the UI a fresh new look and laid the groundwork for its future expansion.


2015—2016Explain Everything is an award-winning digital interactive whiteboard made for educators, students, and creators to communicate their ideas, teach and learn from others. For over a year I worked as a product designer on the team. Together we conceptualised, designed and communicated features like real-time collaboration, apps for the iPhone and Apple TV and the introduction of Discover: a content sharing portal for all things made with Explain Everything.


2014—2015Itondo is an app for discovering, buying and trying out art in the comfort of the home via extensive use of AR. I was the lead designer on the startup, employed by its founders to shape the concept, brand, visual language and the entire end-to-end user experience of the product.